What I want to do is add more behaviours and cell types, and give the user more options for playing around with the available resources, possibly threats as well.  This is just a basic working prototype.

Currently, cells target the nearest food source,  move towards it, and collect food.  They then immediately head back to their home, and the process starts again.  Cells that are farther from a food source tend to suffer, since it takes them longer to collect the same amount.  Cells that reach a certain level of desperation will begin stealing from other cells.    This 'mean' state is temporary the first few times, and the cell will go back to collecting food from plants.  If a cell turns 'mean' too often, they will stay that way.  I flourishing cell will produce offspring, which will enjoy the same privilege of living close to a food source.  Too many offspring will put undue pressure on that food source, so that large families will begin to suffer until their population decreases.

I have a lot of little features I want to add in here, but this could potentially go on forever.  In the meantime,  I have another game in mind that can be more complete more quickly, so I'm shelving this for a bit.  

Comments, suggestions, or ideas?  Let me know.

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